Weekends in Copenhagen

Do I spend any time in Copenhagen? The answer is yes! Here are a few things I’ve been up to in Copenhagen this month:

Tivoli Gardens 

Tivoli is Copenhagen’s famous amusement park and garden, located in the center of the city. Every Friday evening, beginning in April, Tivoli Gardens offers a free rock concert (with the cost of admission) where you can listen to Danish and other foreign artists perform on the open air stage. After a long winter of anticipation, my friends and I headed to the first free concert of the season, where Outlandish and Ukendt Kunster would perform. Entering Tivoli for the first time was surreal; we were amazed and confused at how an amusement park so huge and magical was right in front of us (just behind locked gates) all semester. I went ahead and bought an admission pass for the rest of the semester, and now I can visit the park’s cafes, restaurants, and gardens any day of the week!


Canal Tour and Kødbyens Mad & Marked 

I’ve been told that a canal tour is a must-do before leaving Copenhagen. The tour starts in the picturesque Nyhavn and makes it way out onto the water, passing by Copenhagen’s most famous tourist attractions including the site of Holmen (Copenhagen’s old naval base), The Little Mermaid, The Royal Danish Opera House, Christianshavn’s Canal, and Christiansborg Palace. Weekends in Copenhagen have been getting better and better, so my friends and I took advantage of a sunny Saturday afternoon, and checked canal tour off our bucket lists.



After our canal tour, Allie, Abi, Emma (Abi’s friend visiting from France), and I all headed out to the meatpacking district. I had heard about Kødbyens Mad & Marked, a Saturday market that hosts up to 70 food stalls, fresh produce, and homemade goods. Just about every young Dane in Copenhagen was there, eating good food, drinking beer, and soaking up the sun. I had a “Mexidog” which was a hybrid between a taco and a traditional Danish hot dog, while my friends enjoyed french fries cooked in duck fat, and porridge with dulce de leche from Grød.



Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Hamlet’s Castle

With busy work and school schedules and my travel plans quickly filling up the calendar, it’s difficult to find the opportunity for my host family and me to spend a lot of time together on the weekends. I had been wanting to visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art for a while, so Palle, Pia, and  I made sure to reserve a Sunday afternoon to make a trip together.

While the exhibitions at Louisiana are always changing, Louisiana has a permanent collection of artwork including the Alberto Giacometti sculpture gallery (Pia’s favorite), and an installation by Yayoi Kusama called the Gleaming Lights of the Souls.

Currently on display is a Richard Mosse exhibit called The Enclave:

Horrifying, highly moving, and disturbingly beautiful. Irish artist Richard Mosse utilizes an outdated military surveillance film to envision the civil war in eastern DR Congo anew. In this intersection between art and documentary he creates an appalling testimony of a forgotten and complex conflict.

Photo courtesy of: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Photo courtesy of: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

After spending a few hours walking around inside and outside of Louisiana, we headed up to the nearby Danish town of Helsingør to walk around Kronborg Castle. To many, Kronborg is better known as “Elsinore,” or “Hamlet’s Castle” as a result of William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy. Today, Kronborg is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Queen Margrethe II’s 75th Birthday 

The Danish Royal Family is well respected and loved by the public of Denmark. The Royal Family serves as a sign of tradition, togetherness, and stability for Denmark. On April 16th, I gathered with hundreds of other American students and Danes, in front of Amalienborg Palace to wish the Queen a happy 75th birthday.



Weeks without travel are left for completing homework assignments and projects, studying for exams, and catching up with friends. My friend Corie and I decided to pay Mother, a pizza place in the meatpacking district, a much overdue visit. I told Corie about my travels in the UK while she dished about her fascinating visit to Bosnia with her core course and independent travels in Norway (I was getting ready to head off for my Norway trip in a week). With the semester flying by, sharing meals is a great way to catch up with friends during the week–I’m lucky that Corie is just as much of a foodie as I am!



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  1. I am so glad that you’re spending some time in Copenhagen! Time is flying by, but you’re really squeezing all that you can out of this phenomenal experience!


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