Sisters in Scandinavia

On Friday, April 17th I set out for the Copenhagen airport (once again) to begin my journey to Sweden. Inevitably my flight was delayed, but after taking a commuter train from the Stockholm-Arlanda airport and asking several friendly Swedes for directions, I finally knocked on an apartment door in Stockholm’s trendy Södermalm neighborhood. Who opened the door? Lexi!

Lexi and I decided to plan two trips together at the beginning of my semester abroad. For our trip in April, we chose Stockholm because neither of us have ever been to Sweden and we are both interested in our Scandinavian heritage. This upcoming weekend, we will be going to Amsterdam because it’s one of Lexi’s favorite cities and I have been talking about seeing the tulips in full bloom for months, so it’s about time.

Lexi and I had a few missions to complete during our our trip to Stockholm.

My wish list:

1. Visit the Vasa Museum. After hearing about the infamous sinking ship from Grandpa, I had to see the “failure” in person.

2. Perfect my bun game 11079446_10206566440418324_7605238711154880846_o



3. Relax!

Lexi’s wish list:

1. Nordic Museum–little did I know how many knitting related exhibits would be in store

2. Visit a Scandinavian artisinal crafts store

3. See 11th century runestones in Uppsala and Sigtuna

We completed our wish lists and more! Here’s what we did during our 5 days in Stockholm:

1. Took the ferry to Djurgården to visit the Vasa Museum, Skansen open-air museum, and Nordic Museum

2. Explored Östermalm and Gamla Stan

3. Ate traditional Scandinavian meatballs, Princesstårta, and cardamom buns

Much like the Danes, the Swedes love their coffee. The Swedish concept of fika, essentially means “to have coffee,” and the Swedes often enjoy a cup or two with pastries or sandwiches. If we had enough time, we could have stopped by dozens of cute cafes in Södermalm for fika. On the morning of our day trip to Uppsala and Sigtuna, we indulged at a local cafe for much needed lattes and cardamom buns.

After much deliberation and research, we decided to end our trip with mini Princesstårta from a konditori around the corner from our apartment. The spongy cake was covered with lime green marzipan and filled with decadent custard and cream.

4. Day trip to Uppsala and Sigtuna to see runestones from the 11th century and visit Uppsala University

5. Stockholm’s Ice Bar 11174408_10206566468619029_1370842609005374662_o

We didn’t know what to expect for the ice bar. Although it was my idea initially, I became a bit skeptical about the bar’s touristy nature. However, after reading multiple positive reviews, we decided to give it a whirl. It was cool, if you know what I mean.

5. Binge watched HBO’s Girls

Multiple times throughout our trip, Lexi and I found ourselves slipping into an afternoon slumber. After running on little to no sleep while being abroad, I found myself breaking into my famous delirious singing–hence the song lyrics I invented above. Cue girliest sentence ever: While we did make it out to the ice bar one night, after afternoons filled with sightseeing, Lexi and I usually opted for eating cheese and crackers while watching HBO’s Girls in the evenings. Don’t worry, season 4 only has ten 20 minute episodes. I’ll call that reasonable.

6. Found the perfect Mother’s Day present for Mom

Sorry Mom, you’ll have to wait until June.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Amsterdam this weekend!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE your “bun game,” especially the inspiration!


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